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Why did the Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Gurus leave us with no Bani?

There was only ever ONE Guru, i.e. the one Jaagdi Jyot (Living Light). To non-Sikhs the Guru Sahibaans may be 10 human bodies. To Sikhs there has always been and right now only ONE. Gurbani is “Dhur Kee Baani” – revealed from the Almighty according to His will.

The same Guru-jyot was working in all Guru Sahibaans and it is this Guru-jyot that was the Guru. The Guru jyot chose to go in 9 khands (continents) of this planet in it’s first body to spread the glory of Naam. In the fifth body, the Guru-jyot chose to get martyred. It chose to wear two kirpans of Miri and Piri in the sixth body.

It is mauj (pleasure) of Guru Ji that they did not reveal any Bani in 3 bodies and reveal a massive amount of Bani in the fifth body. Why did the Guru-jyoti not create Khalsa in the first body? Why did Guru Gobind Singh Ji not include his Amrit-Bani Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji? There are so many such questions that we can never know the answers to. What can we mortal beings imagine the reasons for this? Guru Ji is extremely great and we are extremely lowly. What can we say about this.