Spirituality – Abhiyaas & Bhagti

What is the spiritual significance of Amrit-Velaa (early ambrosial hours)?

It is at Amritvelaa that the Khalsa drinks Amrit Ras.

It is usually at this time that we get to meditate on Waheguru without any disturbances. Some people get up at 1am, some at 3am, some at 5am, it all shows how much devotion you have for the Guru. The earlier you wake up the more sleep you sacrifice for your Guru. According to Gurbani and Bhai Gurdaas Ji’s Bani, Amrit-vela is “Pichhal Raat”, the last part of the night, which is three hours before sunrise.

If you want to wake up for Amrit-velaa then you must do a sincere Ardaas in front of Guru Sahib and he will most definitely bless you. Amrit-velaa recharges our batteries for the day and keeps our Naam Abhiyaas ticking all day long, just like RehNsbaees (all-night keertans) keep our Naam Abhiyaas ticking for weeks. If you read ‘In search of the Perfect Guru’ by Bhai Rama Singh, you will note that he stresses so much on the importance of Amrit-velaa.

Another point to bring to attention is that we experience a lot of our spiritual happenings at the time of Amrit-velaa. Bhai Raghbir Singh who wrote ‘Bandginama’ writes that he used to get up at 12am without telling any of his family and do Simran, he writes that he experienced a lot of spiritual happenings at that particular time.

Some tips to wake up Amrit-velaa:

  • The time you sleep:
    To wake up 2am for example, it would be suggested to at least sleep 8.30pm to 9pm the latest. Your body needs rest. If you don’t give your body rest, the body will struggle to wake up in the morning. Everybody’s body requires a different amount of sleep. According to your own body’s need, adjust your sleep time.
  • Feel the Guru’s Presence:
    When going to bed, before Sohila Sahib, loudly say, “Come Guru Nanak Dev Ji, let’s do Sohila Sahib.” Then after Sohila Sahib, “Come Guru Nanak Dev Ji, let’s rest for the night.” Then in the morning when you wake up, “Come Guru Nanak Dev Ji, let’s wake up for Amrit-velaa.”  Then when doing Simran at Amrit-velaa, “Come Guru Nanak Dev Ji, let us do Naam Abhiaas together” etc. This will help to feel the presence of the Guru in your life and gave that extra push to wake up and also feel awake.
  • Types of food:
    Avoid eating oily, fatty, heavy and processed foods. Eating these types of food will make you feel sluggish and tired. Try and eat fresh fruit, vegetables and light food in the evening.
  • Dietary Rehit:
    Keep Bibek dietary Rehit, i.e. eat only food prepared by Amritdhari Gursikhs and try do simran and Paath when making your food. Don’t eat from cooked food from shops and restaurants (i.e. pizzas from a shop etc).
  • Remember – Guru is waiting for you:
    Remember Guru Nanak Dev Ji is waiting for you and you can sleep forever when you die.
  • Good health:
    Making sure the body is healthy helps to wake up Amrit-velaa. Ensuring you have the right vitamins in your diet and exercise helps to prevent feeling sluggish and tired.