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What is the Sikh attitude towards Tattoos?

All Sikhs get Tattoo imprinted at least once a lifetime. Once this Tattoo is imprinted or encarved, then it never leaves us. Yes, you read it right. All Sikhs must have the Tattoo of Naam imprinted on their Mann.

This Tattoo of Naam is not a dead Tattoo picture as ordinary Tattoos are. This Tattoo is very much alive and vibrates Naam vibes through our body and pure actions. Once this Tattoo is imprinted on our mind, only then we can japp Naam and have anand (bliss) of Naam.

To all the unfortunate people who have not yet encarved the tattoo of Naam on their mind, hurry to the next Amrit Sanchaar in your area and get the Tattoo of Naam imprinted on your mind.

Worldly Manmat (Self-Willed) Tattoos


Manmukh (self-willed) and worldly Tattoos are not allowed.

SPIRITUALLY: What is the benefit to the followers of Satguru Nanak? None of the ten Gurus had tattoos. Why idolize others and follow the ways of the world when why have the Perfect role models in the ten Gurus. Wearing ornaments and using dye is against the Sikh Rehat Maryada, therefore it would naturally follow if coloring your hair is against Sikhi than tattooing the body is definitely prohibited.

PHYSICALLY: The risk of getting a disease like Hepatitis from a tattoo artist that is not careful about sterilizing his/her equipment, the pain involved in getting one, the bleeding afterwards. More seriously tattoos require shaving, removing or burning of Kesh (hair) which would be a Bajjar Kurehat, cardinal sin.

MENTALLY: Why would anyone think they need a tattoo to make themselves “better”? Also, if you get a tattoo because you think it’s “cool” then you’re applying the standards of the world.

SOCIALLY: People who have visible tattoos often get passed over for jobs by people who believe tattoos present an unprofessional appearance