God and his Universe

What is the formal doctrine on the end of the world? Is there a scriptural reference on end time prophecy (end of the world)?

“End” of the world in Sikhi cannot be understood on the same lines as other religions. Creation and end are like bubbles forming and bursting in hot boiling water. No one can determine when the bubbles will stop forming and bursting. Similarly, God’s creativity or act of creation is always continuous. He is always creating, destroying and recreating.

He may create one planet, star, an entire galaxy or a universe at any time and destroy another at the same or different time. Only He knows and no one else can have this knowledge. “Start” and “End” of the world are relative terms because such have been occurring since eternity.
To pinpoint the exact time of the “end” of the world is to make the claim of knowing all-encompassing God which is impossible. Time itself is a relative term. It changes and is various from one planet to another. Further, there are some regions where time is irrelevant and there are no nights there. There exists only day the source of which is calm soothing uniform light rather than a hot burning sun. Sikhs reaching highest spiritual states have visited such regions and written about them.