Principles and Concepts

What is Just-War in Sikhi?

“When we see this in practice however, we can see that very rarely has a Sikh War been any different to any other war fought on behalf of misguided religions: For Land, Nation and Resources.”

Sikhi gives adherents principles and institutions to apply them and allows for people to choose the correct course of action. Sikh struggles are governed by the Sri Akaal Takhat Sahib through the institutions of Gurmatta passed by the Sarbat Khalsa (entire Khalsa nation). This has been the system in the past. The bombing of civilian targets is condemned by Sikhs. On the other hand fundamentalists from other religions are infamous in history for committing suicide bombings and killing innocent men, women and children in the name of their religion or religious cause. If people professing the Sikh faith do such things they are wrong and to be held accountable.

The Guru has taught a Sikh to use violence at the last resort when all other means have failed and even that situation the rights and life of the weak, oppressed and innocent should be guarded at all costs regardless of gender or faith. A Sikh defends himself, his nation and the weak. A Sikh never instigates an attack or pursues war for wealth, women slaves and spreading the faith by the sword.