Spirituality – Abhiyaas & Bhagti

What is ‘Bismaadh’ state?

When Naam Ras is at its extreme in the body fortress of a Gurmukh, the body goes into a state of Bismaadh. This is when the body ‘shuts down’ and we experience just pure Naam Ras. We can see this state in RehNsvaaees – some Gurmukhs go into this state. We used the example of Bhai Rama Singh Ji and Bhai Jeevan Singh Ji, in RehNsbaaees (all-night keertan) it used to look as though they were asleep because their heads were pointed down and their body forward as they are asleep in the Keertan; however they used to stay fully-aware in the Keertan. When we see other Gurmukhs in the state of Bismaadh it looks like they are sleeping, in fact physically there is probably no difference between sleeping, but inside the Naam Ras is drenching you.

How do we go into the state of Bismaadh? Bismaadh is when the Anand from Naam Ras is too much and the body cannot handle it, so the body automatically slips into this state.

A Gurmukh can go into Bimaadhee any time s/he wishes to do so. But, because we live a Gristhee Jeevan (a householder’s life) we experience it usually when we do long sittings in meditation (RehNsbaaees). Sometimes, in this state, our soul can actually leave our body through the Dasam Duaar.