Spirituality – Abhiyaas & Bhagti

Is there a difference between the paaras-kalaa (philosopher’s stone touch) of Gurbani and Naam?

Naam (the Divine-Name) and Gurbani are closely knitted together (ਓਤ ਪੋਤ). Both are made of the same spiritual material. The underlying material in both is same. Since Naam has come out of mouth of Satguru, so Naam too is baani but the difference lies in the fact that whole of Gurbani gives us hukam to japp one specific Naam. This specific Naam is Gurmat Naam that we get at the time of our initiation at the lotus hands of Panj Pyaare.

Paaras-Kalaa of both Gurbani and Naam cleanses one of dirt. The difference lies in the fact that Gurbani’s paaras-kalaa prompts one’s mind to japp Naam and paaras-Kalaa of Naam opens the Dasam Duaar and straightens the Naabh-Kamal of the seeker which is currently lying upside down. Paaras-Kalaa of Naam gets one darshan (blessed vision) of Waheguru.