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Is Dasvandh for the Panth only, or is it for general charity as well. Is Tax paid to the govt considered as Dasvandh?

Dasvandh (lit. ‘tenth part’) is the practice of contributing one-tenth of one’s earning to the Guru’s cause and for the Panth’s institutional development. Taking out dasvandh is a religious injunction, and deciding upon its use requires seeking Guru’s mandate and acting accordingly. Though not exclusive to Sikhs, but unlike charity, dasvandh is based on the spirit of sharing. The Guru channelized this practice for the holistic welfare of all, especially the downtrodden. Dasvandh is the Guru’s share, who has a directive and responsibility of unbiased welfare of humanity. This requires uninterrupted running of institutions furthering Guru’s cause. On the other hand, taxes are spent by the government on secular grounds that may or may not conform to Gurmat. Consequently, it seems more rational to pay government taxes separately. Daswand should be deducted from one’s net salary.