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If killing living beings is a sin then is killing pest and insects also considered as a sin?

In Gurmat there is no act within itself that is sin (paap) or virtuous (punn). For example, everyone regardless of religion would argue that killing human beings is sinful. However, Guru Sahibs fought in wars against tyranny and killed the people attacking and we consider this virtuous. It is considered virtuous because it was done in self-defense and they were cruel tyrants bringing terror to innocent people.

Similarly, the killing Beant Sio, Chief Minister of Punjab, is considered virtuous because he had the blood of thousands of young Sikhs on his hands. He ordered fake encounters and brought a reign of terror in Punjab. Beant’s killing of people is considered sinful, and yet the killing of Beant is considered virtuous. The act is the same, yet one results in sin and the other virtue. Therefore, we can conclude that the intention is what determines sin and virtue.

In short, killing insects or pests for mere fun and entertainment would be sinful. However, killing pests or insects with the intention of protecting one’s family or others from disease, protecting one’s crops from destruction etc would be considered virtuous.