Modern and Youth Issues

I hear a lot of different opinions and interpretations of Sikhi. How do I know which is true or not?

When many begin their journey into Sikhi, they have to trudge through all the various controversial issues, divisive interpretations, rehit maryadas etc. However, the learning point for some people is that they should have learnt Gurmukhi and connected with the Shabad Guru right at the very beginning and given their mind the only true support and stable foundation capable of steering this doubtful boat amongst the stormy sea of opinions.

People will always give you their opinions left right and centre, according to their own understanding and motivations. But Gurbani will connect with you beyond everyone’s opinions, beyond your own thoughts and even your own feelings; because all thoughts are the product of and therefore can relate only to the mind which at the moment is under the grip of the 3 unstable qualities (Rajo, Tamo and Sato). How can the disease relieve the disease?

When one shows pure faith and obedience to Shabad Guru then one connects directly with their Soul – no-one can speak to you in this manner. You won’t even know why you are laughing, crying or silent sometimes. Guru Sahib is just too great to talk about. Guru Sahib talks directly to Their faithful Gursikhs through Gurbani.

We must remember that Gurbani is not ‘worldly knowledge’; it is alchemic i.e. it changes anything that it is exposed to. Gurbani’s nature is such that it does not affect our thinking processes alone, as does all other knowledge.

Gurbani is more like an energy than a philosophy or ‘set of words’. To gaze upon, recite, listen and write Gurbani is to immerse oneself into it, with the hope that one day, we will drown and our body (thoughts/ego-led identity) will be unrecoverable. All questions you have will most certainly be answered or they will melt away and seem utterly irrelevant. Questions and answers will even seem to lose their sense of separateness as one starts to get close to their Beloved Satguru; because thoughts are subsiding and leaving us, letting us go and letting us be free of their limitations and constraints. Waheguru is Themselves The Lesson, The Teacher and The Learner! What place do questions and answers have in this scenario!

We may as well give-up. We can’t do praise of Gurbani – this is why Gurbani exists; so that Waheguru could show us how to do praise of Gurbani. We are utterly wretched, incapable and without virtues, so how could we do praise from such a position?

Waheguru is so playful and creative to even have carried out this miracle. Those Sikhs who accept Gurbani as the very Image of Waheguru are very, very fortunate. It can’t be talked about.

We can only wish to be blessed with their Sangat, their words and above all, their influence. If we aren’t, we may as well do Ardaas to Guru Sahib that They kill us now, if it means we can get to a next life quicker, where we may get to do their sangat.

In conclusion:

Put all faith in Gurbani and with pure faith do Ardaas:

– Expect and believe that you will receive an answer about anything which you feel is keeping you away from Guru Ji; the main thing is, do not expect YOU will understand what is given – ask that Waheguru does everything and makes you understand whatever is to be understood.

– Request, with utter humility :’saeee gurmukhe piyarae mel, jinhaa(n) milae teraa naam chit aaavae’ (May I meet those Gurmukhs, through meeting whom I remember your Divine-Name).