How does Sikhi maintain unity among its groups without a hierarchy? In interpreting Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, are there doctrinal variations, variations that lead to variations in expression from community to community or do you see Sikhi as fairly homoge

Unity is maintained by following the concept of fatherhood of God and brotherhood of mankind. Interpretation of Gurbani must not be contradictory but there can be multiple meanings as long as they are consistent with the Sikh philosophy. Since Gurbani is divine, it has no limits. So no one person or a group can claim to have penned down the only acceptable interpretation which would be putting limits to the Divine Word. Gurbani is like a sky in which a bird (devotee) can fly higher and higher but never reach its limits. There can be a best interpretation but can never be a final absolute interpretation.

As one rises spiritually, he finds better and better meanings of Gurbani. However, these will not be contradictory to Gurbani grammar nor will they negate the interpretation of lower spiritual level. There have been and still are various interpretations as is the case in every religion but no one can finalize the interpretation. This is why the Gurus spent 240 years in demonstrating how to practice Gurbani and even taught Gurbani interpretation but never wrote it down lest the Sikhs fall under the false impression that no other interpretation was possible.