Gurmat & Islam

Guru Nanak’s disciples were not harmed in any way let alone being stoned to death. Doesn’t this clearly show that he was looked upon as a Muslim sufi at the time?

This is not true. Guru Ji or his followers were not harmed because everyone Hindus and Muslims alike respected Guru Ji. Just because you are not stoned, does not make you a Muslim. Hindus called Him their Guru and Muslims their Pir. He was dear to both. In the north he had made much influence on the majority of the community and when this movement started growing rapidly Muslim rulers decided to destroy it because large number of Muslims and Hindus were converting to Sikhi. This is why fifth Guru was tortured to death. Why else would Muslims do it if Sikhi was considered part of Islam? Clearly Muslims did not regard Sikhi as part of Islam and this is why they were always out to kill Sikhs. How Muslim Sufis looked upon Guru Ji is different than the reality. If I look upon all Muslims being terrorists does it mean it is the truth? Of course not!

They need to get one fact straight. None of the Gurus were Hindus or Muslims. Sikhi is a completely different religion. If only they took some time to study the religion and its teachings but I don’t think they would want to know the reality. They need to consider some facts about their religion and Mohammad. Read some of the facts about Islam to see if Guru Ji would really follow Mohammad’s teachings.

Muslims and Jews come from the same origin. Jews existed first and Mohammad was born into a Jewish family thus making Mohammad Jewish. At that time Buddhism was the largest religion in the Asia and Arabic countries. It is believed that Mohammad was highly influenced by Buddhism and spent much time studying Buddhism. This must make him a Buddhist.

It was Mohammad who got so scared from the visions he was having. He would get so scared that he would run back to his house and hide under the bed. His wife who was thirteen years older than him took him to his uncle. Then his uncle told Mohammad that he would become a prophet. But ironically it was the same uncle who said to Mohammad, “I rather die than have faith in you.”

Mohammad practiced polygamy. There is sufficient amount of evidence that shows that he had 13 wives. He married the 6-year-old Ayesah, the daughter of his best friend Abu Bakr and thus the prophet became the son-in-law of his best friend. The prophet then married the young daughter, Hafsa, of his another great comrade, Umar who also married the four-year-old half sister of Ayesha (the posthumous daughter of Abu Bakr). Mohammad also made his adopted son to divorce his wife, Zainab, so he could marry her. To him a woman was property of a man which is the basic belief of Islam.

Mohammad was total illiterate which shows why there are so many grammatical errors in Quran. Why are they overlooking this fact? Also he was not accepted by other communities as prophet especially Jews which is why he wrote these lines against non-believers (those that did not believe him).

“Believers, take neither Jews nor Christians for your friends. They are friends with one another. Whoever of you seeks their friendship shall become one of their number. Allah does not guide the wrongdoers.”
(5:49, Quran)

Now you tell me if greatest of all Guru Nanak Dev Ji would follow this Mohammad and his teaching? There is no way in hell. Muslims just want to attack Sikhi and misrepresent it. Just remember one thing: Sikhi is a completely independent and different religion.