Rehat Maryada

Can we chant Guru Nanak Ji’s name as the Naam Japnaa?

The Sikh Guru Sahibaan have instructed us to meditate only on the Shabad. Guru’s Shabad is the Guru’s Mantra and this GurMantar is not “Dhan Guru Nanak” or “Dhan Guru Gobind Singh”.

The vilakhantaa (uniqueness) of our Guru Sahibaan is that they did not have their Sikhs recite their Naam but the Naam of Akaal Purakh.

There is no vidhaan (constitution) in Sikhi to japp the physical names of our Guru Sahibaan but to japp only and only Naam and Gurbani. This does not mean that we can’t say Dhan Guru Nanak or Dhan Guru Gobind Singh jee but this means that we should be japping only Gurmantr or Gurbani. Remembering the great deeds of Siri Guru Sahibaan and uttering Dhan Dhan is perfectly fine in Gurmat but Jaap and Simran should be done of Naam Gurmantar only.