Modern and Youth Issues

“If Sikhs are allowed to wear a Kirpan because it is part of their religion, then is it okay for me to wear a gun and say it’s part of my religion?”

This question is often asked or put forward to Sikhs by non-Sikhs who feel it is unreasonable for the law to allow Sikhs to wear the Kirpan and those who don’t understand the significance of a Sikh wearing the Kirpan. The simple answer to the question is ‘Yes’. If a Sikh is allowed to wear the Kirpan, then why not allow another person to carry a gun or another weapon if it is part of their religion or belief. A Sikh would support this idea.

It is not an issue of wearing a Kirpan or being allowed to carry a gun or any other weapon, rather a Sikh would argue that we should be concerned with reason for carrying a weapon. If your reason for carrying a weapon is to protect innocent people and keep the weak safe then a Sikh would always support this idea. However, if the individual’s reason for carrying the weapon is to cause destruction, mayhem and harm to innocent people, then a Sikh would never accept this.