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Why do some Sikhs believe that Langar prepared by a Patit (a Mona, an adulterer, or tobacco smoker etc) is not acceptable for the Khalsa of Guru Sahib? Surely, anyone who prepare Langar with love is all that matters?

If this person has prem (love), why is this person not listening to Guru Sahib and keeping his or her hair? The excuse of Prem is not that once a week this person works in Langar and then expects everyone to eat from his or her hands. If this person truly wants Gursikhs to eat […]

Was meat served in Langar during the period of the first two Gurus?

There a Saakhi (account) which claims that when Guru Amar Daas Ji first met Guru Angad Dev Ji, Guru Ji invited his daughter’s father-inlaw (Baba Amar Daas Ji) to eat Langar. Rice and daal (lentils) were first served, then “maha-parshaad” was served. Baba Amar Daas Ji said to himself, “I have never eaten meat before, […]

What is the “Guru Ka Langar”?

The institution of “free kitchen” or the “temple of bread”, as Puran Singh called it, was started by Guru Nanak. He desired that every Sikh should share his food with others – Wand Chhakna – and that his kitchen should be open to all. Subsequently the Langar took on an institution form and became a […]