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What is the Sikh view on the Christian belief of God sacrificing?

Christian View The Christians believe that God sacrificed his only son to wash away the sins of humanity. Whether the sins have since been washed or not is anybody’s guess. The strange thing is that God sacrificed his only son whereas the Devil escaped him even when every living creature was destroyed in the Noah’s […]

What are the Christian and Sikh views on God’s birth and death?

Christian View In the Bible we read that Christ was born to Mary. Whether he was conceived through God himself or his agent angel, his birth is accepted by everybody. The agency of an angel simply proves that God as Jesus was dependent on the angel and Mary for His own birth. In other words […]

How is the Christian and Sikh concepts of God different?

The Christian View The Christians believe that Lord Christ himself was God and there is no other God except him. This was first declared a long time ago by the Council of Nicea in 325 AD. The Council concluded that Jesus Christ was “Very God of very God”. Christ himself is reported as having said”, […]

What is the difference between the authorship of the Bible and Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji?

The Bible The religious book of the Christians is called “The Bible”. It has two main parts. (a) The old testament – a covenant or agreement between man and the God of the Jews (b) The new testament – a collection of biographical sketches of Jesus and an interpretation of his philosophy as understood by […]