Power of Prayer

15 year-old Veer Amritpal Singh, a native Kenyan with Bhai Manvir Singh. When Amritpal Singh was 7 years old a miracle happened to him at Kericho Gurdwara Sahib. As a young child he never had any teeth. One morning at Amrit-vela he did an Ardaas in front of Sri Guru Granth Sahib jee asking for teeth as the other children used to laugh and mock him. With Guru Sahib's Grace his body froze like a rock as he lay on the floor in front of Guru jee. Knowing something mystical was happening the Giani Jee asked the few people sitting in the Darbaar Sahib to leave and closed the doors. Only Amritpal Singh and Guru Jee were left in the Darbaar Sahib. After an hour or so he got up from the ground. When the Sangat and Giani Jee entered the Darbaar Sahib again they discovered that Sri Guru Granth Sahib jee had performed a miracle by blessing Amritpal Singh with a full set of beautiful teeth. Courtesy of www.manvirsingh.blogspot.com

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